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Drinking water projects become intelligent



Fanglan Village, Taigongquan Town, Weihui City launched a tap water renovation project, using Fengbo intelligent ultrasonic water meter and meter reading revenue management system to guide residents to establish water-saving awareness, effectively curb the phenomenon of long-running water and wasting water, and ensure the balance of water supply pressure. Meet residents' production and domestic water needs.


With the advantages of high precision, wide range and long life, Fengbo ultrasonic water meter solves the problem of meter reading disturbing residents and accurate measurement in the process of water resource use, realizes real-time upload of data, saves users' daily water consumption records, promotes water conservation, and improves Capacity and level of regulation of water use.


Fengbo meter reading revenue management system solves the problems of low efficiency, human interference and unsafe factors in household meter reading. In terms of fee collection and fault repair, improve the level of intelligent management and accelerate the integration of urban and rural water supply.

Fengbo Intelligent Water Network is a member of the field of intelligent water supply. Since its inception, it has been adhering to the business philosophy of "precisely creating value", realizing precise water metering, timing data collection, storage, and instant recall of current data, etc., analyzing and viewing leakage and abnormal water use data, and improving water utilization. Practice "intelligent water saving" with science and wisdom to avoid waste of water resources.

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