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With the continuous development of information technology, the informatization level of water service enterprises is also continuously improved. Through the application of smart technology, related software, hardware and information technology, water work problems can be effectively solved, and water business operations can be more efficient, management more scientific and service more efficient. high quality.

Fengbo urban and rural integrated water management system

Fengbo urban and rural integrated water affairs management system is a complete system solution for water companies to realize urban and rural integrated management based on the research and development of intelligent meter terminals and products. The system solves the problems of scattered management in cities and towns, low efficiency of household meter reading, human interference and many unsafe factors, and facilitates water service operators and property management departments to realize functional requirements such as water meter prepayment and remote maintenance. Water management efficiency.


Function interface of meter reading revenue system


login interface


Massive data clearly visible

This system interface is the home page, including information pages such as the total number of users, account balance, accumulated charges, accumulated water consumption, accumulated deductions, arrears users, and arrears amount.


Intelligent management and precise classification

The water meter user interface includes: user files, water meter files.

User profile: manage household meter information, and perform operations such as adding, editing, changing meters, canceling, and recharging users.

Water meter file: Manage users' water meters, view the latest data of water meters, and remotely switch valves on water meters.


Smart meter reading is convenient and fast

The water meter reading interface includes: deduction records and meter reading records.

Deduction record: A record showing water charges.

Meter reading record: display information such as the instantaneous flow of the water meter, the battery voltage of the reverse flow, etc.


Check the meter without logging in, and pay the fee without going out

Water meter charging interface: Displays the collected fees such as the user’s WeChat life payment, Alipay life payment, and offline recharge payment.


Abnormal water meter timely reminder

The intelligent early warning interface includes: water meter alarm information and early warning for the elderly living alone.

Water meter alarm information: When the function of the meter is abnormal, the LCD screen of the meter will display an alarm message to remind the user to carry out inspection and maintenance.

Early warning for the elderly living alone: When the water consumption of the elderly living alone exceeds the maximum threshold in 24 hours to 48 hours, the designated contact person will be notified.

System advantage

1. It can realize regionalized management such as water consumption statistics, stepped water prices, and charges;

2. Realize automatic meter reading and manual meter reading, count the success rate of meter reading in each district, and grasp the dynamics of water meters in real time;

3. There is a complete process from the entry of meters to the replacement of meters and billing to ensure the accuracy of metering and charging;

4. Powerful reminder and early warning mechanism, arrears notification, water meter alarm, early warning for the elderly living alone, etc.;

5. The statistics of intelligent data allow you to know the water consumption and charging situation in the jurisdiction at a glance;

6. Document management and recharge fund flow module can be added optionally to meet users' financial management.


Compared with traditional water supply, Fengbo urban and rural integrated water management system establishes a dedicated network to realize water supply system operation, management informationization, digitization, and visualization, improve water supply quality, safety and service level, and make urban and rural water supply more refined, safer and smarter .